What is YouTube to Mp3

YouTube to Mp3 converter Is the most used tool on the internet right now. It gives users the option to convert the video of any YouTube in Mp3 format. It gives users option to download any Video of the application in Mp3 format or we can say .mp3 extension. This will allow user to play that video in offline mode or in the background just like song. But some of the users think that it is not possible to convert the video, but Some developers have developed ways in which they make this procedure possible. We will study them and will learn how they do it.

Tools used in YouTube to Mp3

Generally, for coders, it is easy to develop a proper website in which they convert videos. Here are some tools or everyday things that we can locate on their homepage or converter page

  • Search Bar
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A search bar is present on the main screen. It gives the option to users to enter the link of any video. The Search bar then processes the video and converts it within a few seconds.

  • API
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An API stands For Application Program Protocol. API is the primary tool that converts the video in the format you desire. It involves coding, protocols and some tools to develop a high-level API. The API can be used by a key on any other website, although many APIs are kept private and are top secretive due to security and copyright issues.

  • YouTube Video Link
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The primary source of the conversion is the video link. User has to copy the Url of the video they desire to change then paste the video in the search bar, and the API does all the work. These three tools are dependent on each other, and without any tool, on the website, the website fails.

Isn’t there any correct way to convert YouTube video to Mp3?

YouTube does not support background play in the free version. The video stops when the user closes the screen; this can be very irritating and can also consume mobile data and battery and not very accessible feature. But it also offers a premium version.

The premium is free of ads and supports background play, it also can convert videos in Mp3, or you can say change the format of the video in Song which makes it the Best YouTube to Mp3 converter in its own. It is priced very low, and you can also get discounts if you have a student ID Card.

Is YouTube to Mp3 converter free?

Yes, currently, the tool is free. You can use this website without any charges and expenses. But it is always better to get a premium tool by spending some money.

Why people convert YouTube Video to Mp3

Since the premium version of the application requires some charges, people try to use free platforms like free converters. They help them to convert their favorite YouTube videos to mp3 for free

The converter also enables users to download and convert videos from Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many more. The converter comes with many useful features like

  • Multiple Formats

You can download your video from any website mentioned above. Video can be converted in different formats like Mp3, Mp4, MKV, Wave, etc.

  • Speed

You can initiate multiple downloads at once. It also gives you the option to preview the video while it downloads. 

How to use YouTube to Mp3 converter online?

You need to have a browser like google chrome, edge, Mozilla or any other browser to use the tool. A latest Windows and Mac can be your best bet. The process also requires an high speed internet connection To get the mp3 result of your video.

  1. Select the link of the video you want to convert

It is the major part of the process. You need to select the URL of the video you want to convert. This is the first step of the conversion method.

  1. Copy the link of the video in the box that is given on the main screen

Copy the link that you have selected and paste it in the search bar present on the website page. It is the second stage of the conversion method.

  1. Click on convert

After selecting the video and copying the link on the search bar, all you have to is click the convert button in order to get your desired mp3 video. It may take time depending on the performance of the API and the ads the website uses.

  1. The websites will ask you to verify, verify and proceed further

The website will ask you to verify yourself. It will ask you whether you are a human or a robot, click on the verify button, and you will find some type of small quiz, you just have to complete the quiz, and you are ready to go.

  1. Within a few seconds, you will get your result, after that download the mp3 from the link that is present in the tool


You can use the premium version of the app and just select the song you want to play and change the format of the song from video to song. You can also download the song and store the song in your own Youtube app so that you can listen to that song even when your device is offline.

YouTube to mp3 can be harmful to your system

These websites earn through ads. They don’t really care about user security and data. They can extort your data or can also inject viruses in your system. Viruses can harm your pc, they can multiply the files and fill your storage, or can slow down your system or can give access of your files to some hackers that can harm you in every possible way. The premium service of Youtube offers a very safe and secure environment. It is much faster and handy than a free tool. It Is not that costly you can get the service through your debit, credit cards or through wallet service.


1. Using Ad Blocker

You must use an adblocker of any kind. You can install the extension on the browser, or you can use Opera in-built ad blocker which is free and block number of ads.


2. Use VPN

Using a VPN is the first thing that any user must do while browsing on the internet. You can use opera default VPN or install any free VPN like Touch Vpn. If you are high on the budget, you can buy NordVpn or any other secure VPN. This will unlock many countries. But again it is a lot better to buy the premium version of Youtube rather than spending a lot of money on a VPN


3. Use YouTube Premium

Ah! The ultimate solution. Getting a premium membership can be the best thing for you. It is just so good. You will be instantly hooked on it. It is light, handy, fast, ad-free. YouTube is the most used application on the internet. It is the most popular video platform. It is priced very low, and you can save money if you are a student. Many third parties are also giving trials or free access to the premium version. You can also check that out. If you are still in a spectacle, you can use one month of free trials. If you think that the application useless (Which will never happen) you can cancel the subscription any time.

YouTube to mp4

Convert YouTube to Mp4

Youtube to mp4 is also another tool that is used by many internet users nowadays. It helps users to convert the video in Mp4, or you can say .mp4 extension. It also allows users to download any Mp4 video and save the video in their devices in .mp4 format. It will enable offline play of the videos, and since the service is free, it is used by millions of users.

What is YouTube to mp4

It is a tool that converts a YouTube video to an Mp4 format and then allows users to download the video and use it for later uses. Many websites use this tool to provide services to users and give them free content. It is a little tiring process to download the video from any external website rather than the Premium.

It is a new service that is launched by YouTube to allow users to play their content and download videos without any ads and disturbances. Along with that, they have also launched music app of the application. It enables users to play audio on their phones. You can also play videos. It also functions when the screen is off.

YouTube to Mp4 vs Youtube premium

MP4 Converter

  1. YouTube to Mp4 offers you free services with some potential viruses or cookies that may harm you after a very long time.
  2. It is currently offering services for free. You have to copy the link of your favorite video and enter the link to the search bar and then download the result.
  3. It uses API Technology to covert videos in the Mp4 format. 

Premium Version

  1. It provides you a clean user interface, faster downloads, and no ads.
  2. The premium allows you to download videos with just one click. It’s a speedy process and can be handy for many users.
  3. It uses the default YouTube application to change the format of the video and download it.

Winner: YouTube Premium. It was an obvious choice since it is the official tool, and it is a lot better than many other kinds of music streaming services that exist online. It is hands down the number one extension of any service. In YouTube premium you have to download the video after clicking the download button that YouTube gives in the bottom menu of the video. Bottom line: Premium is way better than Youtube to Mp4

Can YouTube to Mp4 harm your PC?

Yes, websites like YouTube to Mp4 can be harmful for your data and system in many ways. It can damage your system in ways like:

  • Extort your private data through cookies
  • Can send virus or malware in your system
  • Can phis your data and individual passwords
  • It can make your device sluggish and slow

It is always recommended to use a safe and secure system while browsing this website. Your windows or any operating system should be original. Make sure you are using an antivirus that can protect you from online threats and bad practices. Use an ad blocker to stay safe from the bulk of ads that you will be facing while using this service. You can install the extension in your browser, although some browsers nowadays offer inbuild ad block support, you have to enable that from the settings menu. Make sure to use a Virtual private network to enhance your security and ensure data protection. You can use a high-quality paid VPN like Nord, or any other free VPN like touch VPN, browser In-built VPN.

What is the difference between mp3 and mp4

  • Mp4 stands for .mp4 and mp3 stands for .mp3
  • Mp3 only supports audio whereas Mp4 can also support video, text, audio or even high textured images
  • Mp3 was released on 1994 and mp4 was released on 2003
  • Mp3 uses lossy compression algorithm and mp4 uses AAC and AVC Technology


The Internet is filled with many tools like YouTube to Mp4. They offer free services to the users, and this may attract many users. But they often forget about the consequences that they will be facing after using these tools.

You can use YouTube Premium. It will give you a better user interface, better results, quick downloads, and quick Mp3 and Mp4 support.

It is a far greater choice for the users so we advise our users to only download mp3 or mp4 or convert from the official YouTube Premium app and stay far away from the websites that offer you Free Services.

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