YouTube to Mp3 converter is a popular tool on the internet right now. It gives users, option to convert any format of video on YouTube to Mp3. It also gives users, an option to download any video directly in Mp3 format or we can say .mp3 extension. This allows user to play that video even in offline mode or in the background using a media player. Some of the users believed that it is not possible to convert the video, but our developers have developed ways in which they make this process possible. Let us tell you how it works.

YouTube to Mp3 Converter: Components

For developers like us, it is easy to develop a website in which we convert videos of Youtube to Mp3. Here are some list tools or components that we can be located on homepage or converter page:

  • Search Bar

A simplified search bar is present on the main page of the website. It gives option to users for entering the link of your favorite video. The Search bar then processes the video and converts Youtube to Mp3 within a few seconds.

  • Video Format Conversion

Files can be downloaded in various format and sound quality using our Youtube to Mp3 converter. Based on the uploaded video quality of the video on the youtube, mp3 quality options accordingly vary during conversion. The higher quality of video has got more number of quality versions available for download.

  • Converting video of Youtube to Mp3

The primary source of the conversion is the video link. Once you have copied the url of the video, you’d like to convert them. Paste the video link in the search bar to download. The System does all the work thereafter. It converts video of Youtube to Mp3.

Youtube to Mp3: How to convert videos into audios?

YouTube does not support background play in its classic version. Lately, youtube launched a premium version to benefit consumers who prefer mp3 music files however it is paid so majority of users did not switch from Youtube to Mp3 converter. The video stops when the user closes the screen or locks it, this is very irritating. As it consumes large amount of mobile data, it increases your cost of internet and decreases the battery life of your phone if you kept playing music in videos format. The Major benefit of Youtube to Mp3 is to give you an audio format of file to run in background of your phone.

The youtube premium is free of ads and supports background play, it also can convert videos of Youtube to Mp3 or you can say, it changes the format of the video song which makes it the Official Youtube to Mp3 converter in its own. It is priced very low, and you can also get discounts if you have a student ID Card.

Is YouTube to Mp3 converter free?

Yes, currently, the tool on ytdtomp3 is free. You can use this website without any charges and expenses. You can also buy an official Youtube to Mp3 tool from youtube website.

Youtube to Mp3: Why to choose ytdtomp3 for converting Videos?

Since the official version of the application has cost involved on periodical basis, people tend to use free platforms like ytdtomp3. We help them to convert their favorite videos of Youtube to Mp3 for free.

The converter also enables users to download and convert videos from Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many more. The converter comes with many useful features like:

  • Multiple Formats

You can download your video from any website mentioned above. Video can be converted in different formats like Mp3, Mp4, MKV, Wave, etc.

  • Speed

You can initiate multiple downloads at once. It also gives you the option to preview the video while it downloads. Even youtube to mp3 conversion is faster than other sources on internet.

  • Unlimited Downloads

You can initiate back to back multiple downloads. It does not have any limit on number of downloads which makes it best Youtube to Mp3 convertor of all time.

How to use Youtube to Mp3 converter?

You need to have a browser like google chrome, edge, Mozilla or any other browser to use the tool. A latest Windows and Mac can be your best bet. The process also requires a high speed internet connection to convert your video from Youtube to Mp3. After you have all these, follow these steps:

  • Select the link of the video you want to convert

Firstly, find the video that you wish to convert. It is the major part of the process. You need to select the URL of the video you want to convert. This is the first step of the conversion method.

  • Copy the link of the video in the box that is given on the main screen

Copy the link that you have selected and paste it in the search bar present on the website page. It is the second stage of the conversion method.

  • Click on convert

After selecting the video and copying the link on the search bar, all you have to is click the convert button in order to get your desired mp3 video. It may take time to convert youtube to mp3 depending on the performance of the API and the ads the website uses.

  • Verification

The website will ask you to verify yourself. It will ask you whether you are a human or a robot, click on the verify button, and you will find some type of small quiz, you just have to complete the quiz and you are ready to go.

  • Downloading

Within a few seconds, you will get your result, after that download the mp3 from the link that is present in the tool and you get youtube to mp3 done here.

You can also use the official version of Youtube to Mp3 alternatively and just select the song you want to play and change the format of the song from video to song. You can also download the song and store the song in your own Youtube app so that you can listen to that song even when your device is offline.

Is it safe to use Youtube to Mp3 convertor?

Yes, it is safe to use Youtube to Mp3, however there are some risks involved if you use via untrusted sources. There are lot websites on the internet which offers free Youtube to Mp3 convertor. These websites earn through ads. Unlike ytdtomp3, they don’t care about user’s security and data. Therefore, it is essential to access Youtube to Mp3 from trusted website.

Untrusted websites extort your data or can also inject malwares in your system. These can harm your system, they can multiply the files and fill your storage, or can slow down your system or can give access of your files to some hackers that can harm you in every possible way. Here is a small tip for people who are still exploring the right Youtube to Mp3 convertor:


1. Using Ad Blocker

You must use an adblocker of any kind. You can install the extension on the browser, or you can use browser in-built ad blocker which is free and block number of ads.


2. Use VPN

Using a VPN is the first thing that any user must do while browsing on the internet. You can use opera default VPN or install any free VPN like Touch Vpn. If you are high on the budget, you can buy a premium VPN. This will unlock location of many countries.


3. Using Antivirus

You must use an antivirus of any kind which prevents virus or malware to infect the system. There are various types of antivirus available in the market based on the usage and at a very nominal cost. This provides protection against various attacks and malwares for the safety of all the data.


The ytdtomp3 offers a very safe and secure environment. It is much faster, handy and a free tool. It is not that costly you can get the service through your debit, credit cards or through wallet service.

The Internet is filled with many tools like Youtube to Mp3. They offer free services to the users, and this may attract many users. But they often forget about the consequences that they will be facing after using these tools.

You may use YouTube Premium if you want to spend money for official one but if you have landed on our site you will get the same services for free. In case someone is not able to find any Youtube to Mp3 website then official is recommended. Otherwise, landing on this site and still not availing the free Youtube to Mp3 is like wasting your hard earned money.

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